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Complete product quality assurance system, scientific management

Since the start of production, our company has established a strict and complete product quality assurance system, and fully implemented computerized scientific management. Each process has full-time quality inspectors and process supervisors to monitor each product in an all-round way. management. Implement full participation in quality monitoring to ensure that each product has no quality problems after it leaves the factory. The after-sales service of our company's products is directly in charge of the profile sales staff, and technical support is provided by the technical department.

Service commitment: customer first and thoughtful service

We deliver on time, quantity and quality. The quality of the products is strictly in accordance with the requirements of various national technical indicators. The quality assurance certificate is issued for each batch of factory products based on the test data.

If there are some technical problems during use, our company will reply as soon as possible after receiving the notice. If the professional staff of our company are required to cooperate on site, our company will actively cooperate and provide thoughtful and meticulous solutions.

Service measures: special order after-sales service department to follow up the whole process

Every salesperson has the obligation to provide after-sales service for the products sold. For this purpose, our company has specially formulated the responsibilities and quality remedial measures of each department of the product after-sales.

The sales department is responsible for timely feedback of customer complaints to the company. The company formulates solutions and service measures to the production department and implements after-sales service. The quality inspection department is responsible for quality inspection and supervision. The production department and technical department are responsible for the solution. And advance to cooperate with processing.


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