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About us

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My name is Liam, and people call me "the fatass". 

I have wondered around the cannabis vape devices circle a bit, been working for companies such as First Union, Ispire, Smiss Tech. 

Where I made some friends who shared same values.

With the goal to be able to know what I really supply, I need to have my own set-up. 

And that is the inception of this company.

I am supplying what I believe to be good and cost-effective.

We are a small company in this highly competitive market. 

That means we have to be swifty, and fast. 

And there is no Expert-Arrogance.

Talk to us and see if we can build something for you.

Sales@szwksy.com or fatass@szwksy.com

Have a good one, cheers! :)

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