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Six classifications of electronic cigarette

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Classification I: classified according to the smoke emission principle

Heating non combustion electronic cigarette: the main principle is low-temperature heating, which releases smoke by heating new tobacco, abbreviated as HNB. The main feature is that a new type of tobacco similar to cigarette needs to be inserted into the cigarette rod.

Smoke oil atomization type electronic smoke: atomize the smoke oil through electric heating to generate smoke.

Classification II: classified by the category of tobacco oil

CBD electronic cigarette: cannabinoid (CBD) is a component of marijuana. CBD has been proved not to be dependent, addictive or hallucinogenic. It can improve sleep quality and relax body and mind. It is classified as electronic cigarette containing CBD.

Nicotine electronic cigarette: the main components of tobacco oil are vegetable glycerol (VG) propylene glycol (PG), essence, nicotine (nicotine), nicotine containing nicotine.

Nicotine free e-cigarette: the cigarette oil without nicotine is called nicotine free e-cigarette.

Category III: classified by smoke size

Small smoke: short for small smoke electronic cigarette. At present, there are many small cigarettes on the market

Large smoke, short for large volume electronic cigarette. Big smoke's playability and cool make it have many fans.

Category 4: classified by reusability

Disposable cigarette; E-cigarettes that cannot be recharged and reused will be discarded after the smoke oil is exhausted.

Disposable cigarette cartridge electronic cigarette: the cigarette cartridge is separated from the cigarette rod. The cigarette rod has a battery that can be recharged and reused. After the cigarette cartridge is used up, replace the cigarette cartridge without replacing the cigarette rod.

Oilable electronic cigarette: it can be recycled, and the service life of the cigarette cartridge is long. After the cigarette oil in the cigarette cartridge is sucked, it can be injected with oil for 3-6 times to continue to use.

Category 5: by shape

Simulated cigarette: the size and appearance of the cigarette are the same as that of the real cigarette. When smoking, the bright end of the electronic cigarette lamp has the same effect as the ash end.

Non simulated smoke: various shapes can produce smoke, but the shape is not limited to cigarettes.

Category VI: classified by oil storage and guide system

Resistance wire atomized electronic smoke: absorb oil through cotton core or fiber rope, and introduce the smoke oil in the smoke bomb oil bin into the heating coil. When the coil is heated, the smoke can be evaporated.

Porous ceramic atomized electronic smoke: the porous ceramic is burned with a heating resistance, which integrates oil conduction and heating. The resistance on the ceramic is energized to heat the smoke oil and emit smoke. In order to provide better smoke oil atomization taste, porous ceramic atomization core has evolved into the third generation of thick film printing, and the atomization core of thick film printing may be a trend.

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