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The difference between e-cigarette and second-hand cigarette

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Non smokers hate being surrounded by thick smoke. It will aggravate allergies, sting eyes, smell bad, and linger in the air. It feels like an eternity. Smokers will leave a heavy smell on their hands and body, especially the breath will be very unpleasant. What's more, non-smokers will be quite sensitive to this smell. After smoking in the smoking area, the smell on their body will also disgust the people around them.

E-cigarettes will not cause the harm of second-hand smoke to others and pollute the environment. They can be used in non-smoking places such as trains, cars, restaurants, bars, shopping malls and gas stations. Surrounding women will also feel acceptable and will not be too disgusted. Atomized electronic cigarette has no unpleasant and pungent smoke, and it won't make people around choke on this kind of smoke. It only needs to be charged and doesn't need to be lit. It's very safe and environment-friendly.

The nicotine aqueous solution is atomized to produce a vapor colloidal solution, which is quickly diluted in the air, while the vapor colloidal solution with low density is difficult to be digested and absorbed, and will not produce the harm of second-hand smoke. Therefore, electronic steam smoke is not easy to seriously harm the physical and mental health of smokers, and will not harm the physical and mental health of surrounding people.

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