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What is the principle of electronic cigarette quitting smoking

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Scientific and comprehensive introduction of e-cigarette, let you really understand e-cigarette.

There is no need for me to say that smoking is harmful to health on every cigarette box, but smokers always ignore this mark. Maybe they are numb. However, many young people still don't touch this thing over the years. But for people who have been smoking regularly, they can't help but stop, and there have been some e-cigarettes in recent years, and most people don't know about it.

1、 Is electronic cigarette harmful to health

E-cigarettes are often advertised as tobacco substitutes or products to help quit smoking, and are favored by many people. However, is it harmful to health? There are also different views on the Internet. Some think it doesn't, and some think it has other effects. However, compared with tobacco, the reason why real tobacco is harmful is well known for:

Tobacco burns continuously at the temperature of 700-800 degrees after ignition, releasing nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide and other solid and small particles, which are harmful substances. According to the users, some e-cigarettes have no other symptoms, and some still have adverse reactions. Basically, they must be free of nicotine. On the whole, e-cigarettes are still harmful to the body.

Hazards of smoking:

1. Smoke contains nicotine and many harmful chemicals, which are inhaled into the human body, endanger their own body, spit out, and also endanger the smell of absorbing second-hand smoke around. Smoking for a long time is easy to get lung cancer, many people get cancer, and 90% of people die of lung cancer, so I should pay attention to the harm of smoking.

2. Smoking has an impact on teeth and fingers. If you smoke for a long time, you will turn yellow, which is easy to affect your image. If you smoke for a long time, your nostrils are stuffy and insensitive, and it also hurts your nasal pores. We should pay attention to it.

2、 What is the principle of electronic cigarette

Under normal circumstances, many people in tobacco will have dependence, including these phenomena in the market, such as caffy cofiy, a large e-cigarette franchise platform. For example, we often say that smoking addiction is coming, and generally non-smokers can't feel this experience. How to say, everyone behaves differently, such as some want to shed tears, lack of spirit, want to sleep, or lack of concentration.

But what is the general principle of electronic cigarette? The principle of electronic cigarette:

The general electronic cigarette is mainly composed of three parts: a cigarette tube containing nicotine solution, an evaporation device and a battery. The atomizer is powered by a battery rod and can turn the liquid nicotine in the smoke bomb into mist.

Thus, users can have a feeling similar to smoking when smoking, so as to realize "swallowing and spitting". It can even add chocolate, mint and other flavors to the cigarette tube according to personal preferences.

3、 Which is more harmful than electronic cigarette or tobacco

For a long time, businesses have been vigorously promoting e-cigarettes without tar, suspended particles and other harmful components, and even in the product introduction under the banner of "quitting smoking" and "clearing the lung". As everyone knows, the safety of e-cigarette has not been fully demonstrated scientifically. So far, there is no systematic safety evaluation data of e-cigarettes at home and abroad. Therefore, it is not possible to determine what potential risks e-cigarettes will bring to users' health.

As mentioned above, in fact, e-cigarettes are also harmful to the body, but compared with tobacco, e-cigarettes do more harm to the body? According to some data, the disease rate of e-cigarette will drop by 50% to a certain extent. From the surface principle, it does contain less harmful substances. (however, there is no domestic institution to explain this point)

Cigarettes: nicotine, tar, carbon monoxide, and other particles.

Electronic cigarette: nicotine, other unknown particles of food.

4、 What are the disadvantages of e-cigarettes

Earlier, I knew an insider who made caffy cofiy e-cigarettes. Their family is a manufacturer in this industry, and many agents joined in. With their own feedback, some businesses exaggerate. In fact, e-cigarettes are also harmful to human body.

The appearance of electronic cigarette is more tonal than that of tobacco, which makes people who do not know it think it is cosmetics or digital products, which is easy to be confused. In addition, many businesses exaggerate quitting smoking during publicity. All said that although e-cigarettes are less harmful than tobacco to a certain extent, they are not recommended by the state based on their harm to teenagers. So don't be confused by the appearance of e-cigarettes. Of course, there are no big requirements for those who need to quit smoking.

If an old smoker, the traditional smoking to electronic cigarette can reduce the incidence rate to a certain extent. On the surface, is the electronic cigarette less obvious than cigarette? In fact, it is not, because from the perspective of teenagers, the maintenance of e-cigarettes is more harmful than real cigarettes. The reason is that e-cigarettes will spread to non-smoking teenagers. In general, many businesses publicize that they reduce the harm, but the content of harmful substances in tobacco is less than that in tobacco. In fact, the corresponding electronic harm to teenagers is also great.

Other electronic devices do not mean that they will not be dependent. Whether they are dependent or not does not depend on whether they are electronic or real, but on the people's hearts.

5、 Can e-cigarettes really quit smoking?

Generally speaking, there is such a saying from the perspective of business publicity, but I think it's your willpower to really quit smoking. Don't put fantasy into an illusory statement. In fact, some of the older generation have quit now, not because they can't quit under various excuses, but because the doctor said that you can only smoke GG again. At that time, it's estimated that you really calm down and think about whether you really should give up this thing, It's not an excuse that I can't get away from socializing, or I give up slowly in the future. Even some teenagers feel very foreign and are really irresponsible to themselves.

You see, many public places are disgusted now, such as trains, buses, office areas, etc. most of them can only go to the corner or the toilet. That taste is really enough. In fact, whenever you have the desire to smoke, or think of smoking in the toilet, I think, brother, what are you trying so hard to breathe in the toilet. It is suggested that those who have this habit go to the Internet to see which old chimneys have heart changes, and you will live less seconds for each more one.

Therefore, on the surface, e-cigarettes have less harmful substances, but teenagers should not be confused, which is still very harmful. Secondly, for the old chimney, you can't quit. You can try e-cigarettes, but quitting smoking doesn't depend on e-cigarettes. The best way is to forcibly give up smoking by yourself. To give up with determination is the best responsibility for yourself. All those who cherish life and burn two less are not recommended either way. They are harmful to the body, but the degree of injury is large or small.

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