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About the benefits of e-cigarettes

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Benefits of e-cigarettes

1) Healthier

Smokeless ash does not need to be burned. E-cigarettes are quite environmentally friendly and will not produce soot or cigarette butts.

2) Smokeless odor

E-cigarettes will not emit a disgusting smell of choking snuff, and will not make your clothes, hair, furniture and supplies stained with the smell. The smoke of electronic cigarette contains sweet smell and can evaporate quickly into the air.

3) E-cigarettes are healthier than ordinary cigarettes; No tobacco, tar or related toxins. When using e-cigarettes, you will not inhale more than 4000 chemicals and more than 40 carcinogens due to burning tobacco.

4) No secondhand smoke

The smoke of e-cigarette contains water and is easy to disappear in the air.

5) No tar stain on teeth

E-cigarettes don't make your teeth yellow with tar.

6) No bad breath

E-cigarettes don't have bad breath.

7) More environmentally friendly

Unlike ordinary cigarettes, e-cigarettes do not have cigarette butts. They are environmentally friendly and reusable.

8) Cost savings (by Region)

You only need to buy liquid smoke & atomizing head, which can be reused continuously. For a long time, it saves about 80% of the cost than smoking ordinary cigarettes.

9) High social recognition

Smoking cigarettes hurt yourself and other people's bodies. They usually need to be regulated to restricted areas before they can be used. E-cigarettes will not affect the health of people around them.

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